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At your request we offer private Pilates classes in the English language.

The Tanergija® Pilates classes in English are intended for all foreigners and all people who do not speak Slovenian. The Pilates classes in English are exclusively private classes (or semi-private classes for a maximum of two participants). All group classes, on the other hand, are conducted in the Slovenian language.


The Tanergija® private Pilates classes include the following packages:

  • Introductory (for those who would like to learn the basics of Pilates)
  • Rehabilitation (in case of spine injury, after giving birth and after abdominal or gynaecological operations)
  • Shaping (for those who would like to tone their body; if you are new to Pilates, the Introductory Package is mandatory)

Benefits of private classes:

  • Private (one to one) or semi-private (one to two) classes
  • Correction of movements and positions
  • Faster progress
  • You get to choose the time of the class
  • We also come to your home


  • 1 Private Class in English €65,00
  • Package of 5 Private Classes in English for €275.00 (single €55.00)
  • Package of 10 Private Classes in English for €500.00 (single €50.00)
  • Package of 5 Semi-Private Classes in English for €350 (€70.00 per class/€35.00 per person per class)
  • Package of 10 Semi-Private Classes in English for €600.00 (€60.00 per class/€30.00 per person per class)


  • For Pilates in English please write to jana.pevc@gmail.com or call +386 (0)51 386 208.
  • The classes are held in the Tanergija Pilates Centre on the Dunajska Street 190 in Ljubljana.


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